Mẩu Truyện Phật Giáo

Tomato Story


Real Life

Green Tomato:

Where are you coming from to have such beautiful dresses on?

Red Tomato:

Oh, thank you my dear. I am coming from the North where it has
beautiful weather and many breathe taking, natural wonders.

Orange Tomato:

Me? I am coming from the Central where many great kings and royalties once lived.

Red and Orange Tomatoes:

Where are you coming from my friend?

Green Tomato:

I am coming from the same tree as you two! Just because we look different, doesn’t mean we act different. Snap out of it! Stop dreaming, face the reality my friends and not try to run away from it. Because the reality is the only moment that matters, which is why it’s called real life!


Thân Luân | August , 2014

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